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7th Polestar Pilates Europe Event Amsterdam 16/17 April 2016

Build Your Practice Bridge to Health Care
Giving back to the Pilates- and health care community through creating an event fostering interdisciplinairy understanding and collaboration.

Just for €90- you get two days of experiments, science, movement, networking and fun !

Early Bird ends 31st of January 2016 - so be quick with your registration!

€90,- for POLESTAR customers and 135 € for non POLESTAR customers if you book until January 31st 2016. Later booking 100 € for POLESTAR customers and 150 € for non POLESTAR customers.


location event: Chassé Dance Studios, Chasséstraat 64, 1057JJ, Amsterdam

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Isabela Moody, Salvador, Bahia (BR)
Certified POLESTAR Pilates instructor (Brazil) and furniture designer,
specializing in Ergonomics and auxiliary Pilates equipment
WORKSHOP: NEW - The Centipede
Join Isabela as she introduces the Centipede,  a beautiful sensorial sculpture and device created for exercise and self massage all at the same time. It improves core control, promotes spinal alignment, builds tone, releases tension, and it's fun!
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Marlies Kornmann, Amsterdam (NL)
Dance Academy Amsterdam - Master in Teaching Dance, STOTT Pilates Teacher Rehabilitation, owner of my STOTT Pilates studio

WORKSHOP: Brain patterns - Redesign the Body
When we communicate with a human being through the physical body the mind will unraffel and new movement will occur. So we can redesign the body.
This workshop will provide you a deeper understanding how the mind can influence movement patterns of the body and how the body can trick the mind.
- we will look at the concepts of neuromuscular control and joint stability
- we will explore in theory and practice the difference between the deep and superficial muscles
- how to activate your core by connecting with the mind
- you will learn new practical approaches to connect to the core and find neutral alignment

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 event bohlander alexander
Alexander Bohlander, Köln (DE) 
PT, HP, Osteopath, Executive of POLESTAR GmbH, Owner of Springs – Heilen, Trainieren, Coachen in Cologne
WORKSHOP: FASCIA in Pilates Training
Alexander Bohlander will teach how to assess, influence and re-energize your fascial sling system with the "Fascia Salutation" and therapeutic and non therapeutic touch. As a Myofascial-Release (MFR John Barnes) therapist and Osteopath, he is combining Pilates exercises with the POLESTAR approach of holistic healing.

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event penkhoss yaelle     event jonas annemieke
Yaelle Penkhoss, Paris (FR) and Annemieke Jonas, Amsterdam (NL)
Yaelle Penkhoss, 
professional Dancer (Conservatoire de Danse de Paris, London Contemorary Dance School), POLESTAR Instructor Rehabilitation, Gyrotonic Instructor, Shiatsu Practitioner, Owner of Pilates Studio “Equilibre Pilates”. POLESTAR representative France
Annmieke Jonas, 
Annemieke leaves her clients with a body awoken, stretched and challenged, a mind focussed, clear and peaceful. Thanks to the 3 year Franklin Method education Annemieke has grown a deep knowledge of complex biomechanical functions of the body and always finds a clever way to translate this in simple and useful language. You can find her teachings not only in her words but also in her hands. As registered shiatsu therapist and shiatsu educator she brings forth the wisdom of touch. Annemieke is grateful and excited to be a member of the POLESTAR Pilates team.

WORKSHOP: Shiatsu and Pilates; restorative touch, restorative movement
Comparing Shiatsu with Pilates we discover the Pilates method provides an ideal environment to stimulate the “healing state” through movement. Stepping out of your mucles, and into your autonomic system means you are surrendering to a calm body, avoiding over-recruitment, promoting physiological processes for health and rejuvenation.
“Perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure”, in Return to Life through Contrology by Joseph H. Pilates
"2 Basics assumptions we make in pilates rehabilitation are 1) That movement exists within each person and 2) That the ability to heal lies within each individual" in Complementary Therapies by Carol Davis / Brent Ansderson
• Introduce qualities of the autonomic nervous system and apply them throught guided imagery during movement.
• Introduce touch and basic shiatsu being a great amplifier for better movement out come.
• Explore sequences of touch that will get you into your “healing state”, meaning you will rebalance the autonomic nervous system.
• Explore matching Pilates exercises that will be impacted by the covered sequences of touch.
• Introduce a safe, soft and loving method to provoke curiosity, and exploration with yourself and your clients.

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event spellman becky 
Becky Spellman, Amsterdam (NL)
Born in Liverpool UK, I started dancing at the age of 3 and went to ballet school in London at the age of 15. It was compulsory to follow Body Conditioning, and we were sent to train with Alan Herdman. Although I initially disliked Pilates, it kept me injury free through school and later throughout my career. In 2006, after the birth of my daughter, I retrained as a Pilates teacher.
My comprehensive certification program was under Debbie Jenner and Suus Wilms with the Pilates Company in Amsterdam and In January 2010 I was accepted onto the Pilates Master Mentor Program under Lolita San Miguel, my thesis subject was Pilates and recovery from a CVA and I graduated successfully in December 2011. In October 2014 I completed the Educator training for Lolita’s Legacy and was lucky enough to be trained again by Lolita.
In October 2011, I opened my own studio in Amsterdam and began working with USC Fysiotherapie. Our collaboration went so well that in October 2014, my studio moved to their AMC practice branch. We explore the effects of traditional Pilates on our patients and are able to work closely together on each case that we see. I would say that this is the highlight of my career as I have learnt so much from the team at the practice.

WORKSHOP: Lolita Mat Class
“This class will encompass contemporary, the traditional exercises of Pre-Pilates, Pilates, and Post Pilates. It will be fast paced & flowing, allowing an exercise to transition into the other in the sequence as taught by Lolita San Miguel.” 

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event chamorro blas 
PT, Sport Pysical Technidal Animator, Osteopath, Franklin Instructor, Licensee POLESTAR Spain, POLESTAR Pilates LCD Certified (Studio, Mat, Rehab), PMA® certified – actually, Running Coach Educator (Barcelona).
As a leading educator of POLESTAR, Blas imparting comprehensive training and some workshops included in the Advance Program Teacher POLESTAR. Scientific evidence and effective teaching methods are your best interest as a teacher.

Each year a very large number of runners are injured performing the very activity our bodies are designed for. Isn’t that strange? Decades of technological advances in sports equipment have not succeeded in reducing the incidence of running injuries. What is the solution? How can we run without injury? Running rules are based on running biomechanics and neurophysiology. Knowledge of these two aspects will allow you to master your own skills as a runner and, after a process of learning and adaptation, will radically transform the way you run.
Many people decide to start running to get in shape, but in reality you must first be in good shape before you can begin to run correctly. There is a learning process - requiring conditioning and adaptation. You need to practice running. Without this process it is likely that you will join the 80% of runners that are injured every year. Join Blas in learning the fundamental techniques characteristic of safe and efficient running.
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event kester leila

Leila Kester, Amsterdam (NL)

Leila Kester is an Educator for POLESTAR Pilates in Amsterdam. She has been teaching Pilates and floorbarre to the dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater, Het Nationale Ballet and the National Ballet Academy since 1997. She is interested in helping dancers and dance students demystify the challenges they face, and offer them suggestions on how to develop useful strategies in making dance technique and repertoire suit their individual possibilities. Leila is also a guest teacher for the Austrian Olympic Rowing Team.

WORKSHOP: Thoracic Spine
In this workshop on the Thoracic spine, we will explore exercises to increase range of movement and improve Coordination in all directions of the spine: flexion, extension, rotation and side bending. How is the shoulder girdle involved in thoracic mobility, and how could you find your optimal movement integration between the spine, shoulders and the arms? Also we will focus on how the orientation of the pelvis plays a part in the sequencing extension of the spine, and how a lengthened psoas will allow a more free and organized spine. In order to make in easier to take ideas and exercises home, you will receive a handout.
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event felder hanna 
Hanna Felder, Bochum (DE)
Sports Scientist, POLESTAR Pilates Trainer (Mat, Reformer, Rehabilitation), Medicine Student.
Hanna studied Sport Science at the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne. During her studies she received the POLESTAR Pilates Certification for Mat, Reformer and Rehabilitation while also working as a Pilates Teacher at Springs Studios in Cologne. In 2011 Hanna completed her Bachelor degree in ‘Sport, Erlebnis und Bewegung’. She continued working at Springs Studios and eventually became the head of training at one of the studios. In 2013 she began to study Medicine in Marburg, and successfully passed her first state exam last summer. Hanna is currently continuing her studies in Bochum.

WORKSHOP: Pilates goes Bikini
Pilates goes Bikini is one of the most successful course concepts of POLESTAR Pilates. The 5-week program gets more difficult and exhausting every week, but it’s also fun and guarantees a good bikini body for the summer. Hanna Felder will give you a short summary of the 5-week program and you can then experience one hour of this course yourself. Let’s get sweating!

balken grauTHERAPY WORKSHOPSbalken grau

Jeannette Hoftijzer, Amsterdam (NL)
PT, Manual therapist, currently works in private practice and works with professional sportspeople as well as members of several talent programmes of the Dutch Olympic Committee. She is also an educator for the Performance Matrix, and currently a student in the POLESTAR Comprehensive Series in Amsterdam.
"The ‘why’ of how people get injured, is far more interesting” says Jeanette, “than just treating pain and injury.” It is the prevention of the recurrence of injury that has been the most important part of her job as a Physiotherapist so far. Jeannette is inspired by Shirley Sahrmann, who’s ground breaking work was reinforced by Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram of Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix. Jeannette believes The Performance Matrix is the best risk screening and retraining concept.

WORKSHOP: Screening Tools - Movement and Performance Screen with Profile Report
An Online Movement Screening & Analysis System that delivers a detailed profile report of an individual's movement faults, to direct training and minimize the onset and recurrence of pain and injury and improve activity and performance.

Utilizing 25 years of experience Mark Comerford & Sarah Mottram, together with their extensive team,  have developed a state of the art movement screening tool.   Driven by the latest scientific research and technology, The Performance Matrix Platform is the most accurate evidence based movement screening, analysis and retraining system. We know uncontrolled movement is linked to soft tissue and musculoskeletal problems which influence athlete's and individual's wellbeing and performance. The screens identify which movements cannot be controlled and consider limited ranges that drive movement faults. The range of matrices include the Pilatus Matrix, Core Matrices and Sport Specific Matrices.
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event rollmann annemiek
Annemiek Rollmann

WORKSHOP: Dealing with chronic pain
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event richter olivia      event metternich nina
Olivia Richter, Koblenz (DE) and Nina Metternich, Köln (DE)
Olivia Richter 
is physiotherapist and POLESTAR Pilates Trainer for Rehabilitation. She worked in several neurologic rehabilitation clinics in Germany. Since 2012 she is working in her own praxis focused on neurological diseases and the pelvic floor system.
Nina Metternich, 
PT, Ostheopath with own Studio, POLESTAR Pilates Rehab Educator (2002) and Master Trainer, She was one of the first german teachers teaching Reformer classes. She teaches Pilates in schools for physios as well as for midwifes.

WORKSHOP: Womens health „Pelvic floor - the silent system“
The pelvic floor system is always a challenge to us because of its central position in our body. In this workshop the physiological work of the pelvic floor system will be pointed out.
We inform about the most common diseases of the pelvic floor system and how to treat them or how to encounter them with therapeutic work and POLESTAR pilates principles.
It’s more than just a muscle ...
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event maletzke susanne 
Susanne Maletzke, Köln (DE) 
PT Bachelor of Health, lecturer for physiotherapy at FRESENIUS University of applied science, POLESTAR certified Teacher Mat.

WORKSHOP: POLESTAR & FRESENIUS – scientific Research on Allegro Reformer / World premiere: Presentation of Results
Presentation of the method of study (recruiting potential participants, clinical question, description of the training intervention, description of measurements, evaluation of the measurements) - Presentation of the results of the study (presentation of the results, statistical significances) - Interpretation and discussion of results, discussion and further open questions of preventive and symptomatic therapeutic approaches using Pilates Training